Adappt, INC.

CAS Equity Building
428 Walnut Street
Reading, PA 19601
Phone: (610) 478-8800 Fax: (610) 478-1818
Hours: Continuous

Agency Information- ADAPPT HOUSE is a residential facility contracted to the PA Department of Corrections for the benefit of pre-release and parole community corrections candidates to provide both chemical dependency treatment and group home services. The chemical dependency program involves both group and individual therapy that is reality based, concentrating on preparing each client to cope drug and alcohol free upon reentry to independent living. Group Home residency is designed to assist clients in acquiring basic living skills to cope in our ever-changing society.

Programs- Intensive Drug and Alcohol Program - up to 45 days, Dual Diagnosis, Therapeutic Work Cadre, ADAPPT - YouthBuild Program, Job Placement Program, ADAPPT Urinalysis Program, Group Residence Program

Eligibility Criteria- Admission to ADAPPT HOUSE is open to both men and women who have a history of chemical dependency and are pre-release candidates or parolees of the PA Department of Corrections. Each person is evaluated on a case by case acceptance basis.

Accessibility- N/A

Languages Spoken- English and Spanish.

Key Personnel
Name Position
William 0. Tillman Director of Operations
Sandra Van Sickle Director of Administrative Services

Mission- To prepare each client to cope drug and alcohol free upon reentry to independent living and successfully complete supervision in the criminal justice system.

Agency Affiliations- PA Department of Correction, PA Board of Probation & Parole, Council On Chemical Abuse, Commonwealth Prevention Alliance.

Special Projects and Fundraisers- N/A

Other Locations- N/A